Executive Coaching

Come to the edge.
We might fall.
Come to the edge.
It's too high!
And they came
and he pushed 
and they flew...


Christopher Logue


Wall-to-wall meetings, relentless emails and international travel, can make coaching appear a luxury. Yet many are amazed by what can be generated by carving out a safe space within which to speak and listen.


The best coaches show us how to examine ourselves and to increase our levels of self-awareness.  Only then are we able to change how we "see" ourselves and increase our options for action and behaviour.

From confusion comes clarity.

From fear comes action.

From frustration comes results.

"The problem of distinguishing what we are and what we are not responsible for in this life is one of the greatest problems of human existence…we must possess the willingness and capacity to suffer continual self-examination"

M. Scott Peck 'The Road Less Travelled'


 What you can expect from us 


Often it is our thinking; the way we perceive ourselves and our limiting beliefs that hold us back in our leadership roles.  All of our coaches are trained Psychologists, and more specifically, all are trained and accredited in methods aimed at tackling erroneous thinking and perception.  With your coach you can expect to explore how your mind works, the keys to peak performance & success and how to overcome those obstacles that seem to be standing in your way.  Through a balance of support and challenge, you can expect to work with someone who can clearly identify your brilliance, while refusing to buy into your 'story'.  


"Everyone should have a Coach"  Eric Schmidt  (Chairman 'Google')