Performance Management

When we talk to Senior Managers about Performance Management we frequently hear the following sentiments:

"Performance management is how we discipline people"

"just a form-filling exercise"

"just another HR process"

"an excuse to only have two one-to-ones with your manager a year"

"too much paperwork/not user-friendly"

And yet, research repeatedly and over-whelming suggests that the effective management of your people's performance is the lynch-pin for productivity and profitability in your organisation.


"People Management predicts company productivity significantly better than any other factor"

Neal, West and Patterson 2005


So, how do you reap all the benefits without falling into the traps when you're implementing or re-vamping your Performance Management system? Here's how we do it:

  • Keep the paperwork stream-lined, simple and user-friendly
  • Put a real emphasis on having constructive and courageous conversations
  • Focus training on management techniques including:
    • Coaching
    • Setting appropriate and specific objectives
    • Giving effective feedback
    • Establishing clear performance plans
  • Establish a clear and open dialogue with the users from start to finish