We recognise that having a clear understanding of the skills, abilities and aspirations within your organisation is likely to form the backbone of your HR strategy.

Once established, you can accurately build your succession plan, identify talent and skills gaps, and design targeted development interventions.

During our assessments we expose participants to a range of carefully designed works simulations, which provide an accurate picture of their behaviours and abilities in relevant situations. We always supplement this with an in-depth psychometric and interview with a business psychologist to ensure we have a detailed and accurate perspective.

We often supplement this even further by integrating 360° feedback data.



Individuals receive detailed feedback (both written and face-to-face), which raises their self-awareness and very frequently ignites motivation for development.

Very often a coaching relationship is initiated.  This sound basis in objectivity and clarity regarding strengths and development areas accelerates the coaching conversation to a higher level from the outset.

You have the option to receive a tailored development plan, which ensures targeted learning where it is needed most; avoiding a costly and demotivating ‘sheep dip’ approach.

Where teams are assessed together, we can provide an overview; identifying any skills gaps within the team. We can also provide an organisational report, which along with performance management data can inform succession management and aid organisation-wide initiatives or change programmes.