360° Feedback

Receiving 360° feedback is often a pivotal point in leaders' careers. It can illuminate  behaviours or attitudes that have been standing in the way for years.  Alternatively it can highlight  behaviours that others find helpful or even inspirational, and can ultimately encourage these behaviours to be used more broadly or more consistently.

If you feel that comprehensive feedback would be an effective springboard for coaching, assessment, development or team building, then contact us for a sample report.

We recommend that leaders receive feedback from their boss, their peers and their direct reports. We can also include feedback from customers, suppliers or from any other significant relationships.


We offer:

  • Clear reports - easy to understand, highlighting  strengths and development areas
  • Proven technology - a secure and easy to use web-based system
  • Customisable - we can readily use your own competency model to generate relevant questions
  • In-depth feedback - we can provide feedback with experienced Business Psychologists
  • Comprehensive training - should you wish to carry out the feedback yourself