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Welcome. I’m Clare Amos, the MD and founder of Cause An Effect Consulting.

If you are an HR or L&D professional, and frequently find yourself asking:

• How can I efficiently equip my people with the skills, attitudes and beliefs they need?

• How can I help my leaders engage and inspire those around them?

• How can I help my people to lead with authenticity, courage and conviction?

• How can I shift my culture to become more collaborative, innovative and open?

• How can I recruit the best people into the business?

• How can I ensure that I deliver the right learning interventions to the right people?

• How can I make sure that my organisation benefits from ground breaking research?

Then we can help.

Cause An Effect Consulting

Cause An Effect Consulting, founded in 2003, is a team of qualified and experienced Business Psychologists and Executive Coaches. Our goal is to; identify strengths and development areas, raise awareness, challenge existing thinking & behaviour, and provide solutions for your best and brightest.


We’re here to help you get the best out of your best people.

So how do we do that?

Because we are all psychologists, we dig a little bit deeper than your average consultant. We use a range of psychometrics, 360° questionnaires and current techniques in the fields of inquiry and coaching to thoroughly assess and understand our clients.

Because we love the current advances in understanding human behaviour, we will provide you with cutting edge solutions and insights that will transform your people’s mindsets and approach.

Because we fully appreciate differences in learning styles, we offer a blended approach to learning, and ensure that all interventions are tailored and experiential.

Because we’re a nimble and flexible outfit, we’re happy to mould solutions tightly around your requirements, or to just come and offer support and insight if that’s what you need.

Because we work with a large associate pool of over 35 coaches and business psychologists, we can also rapidly resource large assessment and change projects.

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To help you stay abreast of what’s new and what’s useful in the world of Business Psychology, sign up to our blog/newsletter.

About Clare Amos

Since the early days of discovering some of the intriguing causes and effects of Psychology during my first degree, I have never left what I believe to be the most fascinating subject on the planet.

I believe that now, more than ever, leaders need to bring authenticity to the table, and often (nearly always) this requires a journey of awareness, insight, challenge and support.

Although I cut my teeth in some of the larger consultancies, including SHL Group, I often felt that we frequently failed to deliver interventions that really transformed both individuals and organisations. So after a journey that led me from experiential learning experts, to transformational coaching programmes, from mentors including Robert Holden and Michael Neil to far-flung locations such as New York and Cape Town, I founded Cause An Effect Consulting.

My vision was to create a company that would combine the professional, valid and well-respected approaches I had always followed, with a tailored and personal approach that was nimble enough to move with the cutting edge advances in Psychology and the needs and desires of my customers.

And that is exactly what you can expect from us.

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