Like much of the world, I was saddened to hear the news of David Bowie’s death; his music was the soundtrack to my youth, and he was a constant inspiration during my teenage years (and if I’m honest during my twenties and thirties too). Not only was his music cool & edgy, his performance dramatic and innovative – but he was ultimately the king of persona; he offered the world the possibility of re-invention.

Re-invention. Without overtly realising it, this is often why people embark on a coaching relationship (or a training programme, or any personal development) – at some level, they want to re-invent themselves. So here’s the good news….clinging on to “That’s just me, that’s the way I am” keeps us locked in a fearful childhood persona – it keeps us imprisoned in a way of being that we may have originally built in the playground. And it’s a lie. The ‘Permanent Personality’ is a lie. Interestingly when people change in the most exciting and beneficial ways, they don’t trade in their inferior personality for a superior one; they change their personalities from a noun to a verb. So, how about changing your personality from a shy people-pleaser (noun) into someone who speaks from the heart, makes bold decisions, makes a difference or creates interesting projects (verbs)? Seriously….it’s easier than you think.